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Unlock the full potential of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with trade codes

If you’re enjoying Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you might have noticed that there are specific version-exclusive creatures that can only be gotten by trading or visiting another player’s game. However, what occurs if you don’t have any friends who are also playing? This is where trade codes come in handy.

Trade codes, also known as Link Codes in the game, permit you to arrange trades with trainers from all around the world in order to get the specific Pokemon you want. For instance, you might use a trade code to trade a Quaxly for a Fuecoco or a Scarlet-exclusive Scream Tail for a Violet-exclusive Iron Bundle.

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In this writing, we will supply a list of all the currently active trade codes for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, as well as particulars on the way to utilize them. With these codes, you’ll be able to get your hands on version exclusives, Paradox Pokemon, and even the starter Pokemon you didn’t choose at the beginning of the game.

Scarlet & Violet starter Pokemon codes for trading

Speaking of starter Pokemon, if you’re seeking to obtain the two starters you didn’t choose in Scarlet & Violet, there are specific trade codes you could use for that purpose as well. We’ll provide those codes for you below, together with instructions on the way to use them.

Overall, trade codes can be a great way to enlarge your collection of Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet, especially if you don’t have any pals who are also enjoying the game. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the codes and the way to use them.

Trade CodePokemon You TradePokemon you Want
0001 – 0004SprigatitoFuecoco
0001 – 0007SprigatitoQuaxly
0001 – 0004FuecocoSprigatito
0004 – 0007FuecocoQuaxly
0001 – 0007QuaxlySprigatito
0004 – 0007QuaxlyFuecoco

If you’re a fan of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you may be interested in acquiring certain version-specific creatures that can only be found in one edition of the game. In order to do this, you’ll necessitate to exchange with other gamers who have the contrary version. But before you trade away your sole starter Pokemon, you may want to consider reproducing more of them first.

To breed your starter Pokemon, you’ll require to set up a outdoor meal with only a Ditto and your starter Pokemon in your party. After a while, eggs should emerge in the basket with food for a picnic beside the table. All you have to do is add the egg to your party and wait for it to hatch! This way, you’ll have multiple copies of your starter Pokemon to trade or use in battle

Scarlet & Violet version-exclusive Pokemon codes for trading

Now, let’s move on to the trade codes particularly planned for securing version-exclusive Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet. These codes will enable you to trade creatures that can only be found in either Scarlet or Violet with other gamers. We’ll provide a catalog of these codes beneath, along with guidelines on the way to utilize them.

Trade CodePokemon You TradePokemon you Want
0166 – 0167ArmarougeCeruledge
0319 – 0320StonjournerEiscue
0313 – 0314OranguruPassimian
0223 – 0223Tauros (Fire)Tauros (Water)
0227 – 0140StunkyGulpin
0227 – 0140SkuntankSwalot
0143 – 0114DrifloonMisdreavus
0143 – 0114DrifblimMismagius
0337 – 0339SkrelpClauncher
0337 – 0339DragalgeClawitzer
0316 – 0276LarvitarBagon
0316 – 0276PupitarShelgon
0316 – 0276TyranitarSalamence
0370 – 0305DeinoDreepy
0370 – 0305ZweilousDrakloak
0370 – 0305HydreigonDragapult
0376 – 0382Great TuskIron Treads
0377 – 0383Scream TailIron Bundle
0378 – 0384Brute BonnetIron Hands
0379 – 0385Flutter ManeIron Jugulis
0380 – 0386Slither WingIron Moth
0381 – 0387Sandy ShocksIron Thorns
0397 – 0398Roaring MoonIron Valiant
0399 – 0400KoraidonMiraidon

If you’re looking to trade for version-specific Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, these codes for trading can be very useful. The codes are the same irrespective of which edition of the game you own, but the list provided puts Scarlet’s version exclusives initial. To use the codes, simply input them and ensure that the instructor you’re paired with has the version-specific Pokemon you need. If they don’t, you can just leave the swap and attempt again with a different player.

How to use trade codes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

If you want to exchange with other trainers using a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (More Support) code for trading, you’ll necessitate to go online and access the Poke Portal menu in the game. To do this, follow these steps:

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  • Make sure your game is connected to the internet by launching the menu with the X button and pressing L.
  • Once you’re online, proceed to the Poke Portal menu.
  • Select Link Trade.
  • Enter your code for trading from the lists provided above, then select «Begin Searching».
  • Select the Pokemon you desire to exchange.
  • Verify the exchange just after you’ve checked that your trade partner has chosen the Pokemon you desire.
  • Keep in mind that these trade codes are the same for both gamers, so you may end up with a partner for trading who has the same Pokemon as you. If this happens, simply exit the trade and search again.

    It’s worth mentioning that these codes for trading were all proposed by Austin John Plays and tend to be the rule for Pokemon games. At this time, there are no universal codes for trade evolutions, but we’ll update this page if any are decided upon in the future. So stay tuned

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